Tada – this is Scarlet

Girl blown away of the amazingness of I Heat You

A couple of months ago I was freezing, as usual, on the ferry from the mainland to Gotland. I had my scarf as a blanket, but it didn’t help as much as I wanted. That’s when I met Scarlet.

Well, met is not the word, but I realized that I was actually working on Heather, the heated sitting pad, and the same tech should make it possible to give me a solution for boat rides to come. An why not at the office, at home or on flights?

Scarlet – a multi functional scarf

I wanted a scarf that was large enough to be used as a blanket, but also thin enough to keep in my handbag.

Scarlet will be that, and some…

Scarlet will have two openings to put your arm through, this makes her not only a scarf or a blanket, but also a west that keeps you warm in your office or under your jacket.

Off course Scarlet will have direct heating and will be powered by a battery. No need of electrical outlets or micro wave owens.

High tech fashion

Design and fashion is super important to us. Scarlet will blend into your ordinary wardrobe. You should not be able to see that it actually is a high tech product.

Really cool, or hot, technology that keeps you warm. And at the samt time a designed piece – true high tech fashion!

No one should have to be cold

The I Heat You team is a bunch of different women with different styles. ind of like the rest of the world. Scarlet will be able in different colors and you will find your favourite wether you are a color lover or more discrete. No one should have to be cold!


You can already put your name on the Scarlet early-bird-list. This will give you earlier access to the pre-launch of our webbshop and also get a great early-bird-discount. No strings attached, you’ll just agree to us sending you some information when launch is coming up.

Put your name on the Scarlet early-bird-list!

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