3 travel tips to avoid urethritis

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Some might already enjoy your vacations and some have to wait a bit more. Anyhow, some tips on how to survive your traveling this summer is always good.

I got my honeymoon ruined due to some major urethritis cramps, I could hardly walk. At the time I didn’t know why or what it was, but today I’ve learnt how to better avoid them.

Phone boot quick-change

Even though the weather on your destination is supposed to be warm, that might not me the case from where your going or during your flight.

It might feel like a hussel to change your outfit on the go, even so it’s a good idea to dress according to the climate in air-conditioned planes. The way to do this is to copy Superwoman and think smart. It might be difficult to find a phone-boot these days, but a toilet will work just as fine.

I have two options that I usually go with. The first one is a dress and tights. Then you don’t even need a phone-boot. Just take the tights of when it is warm enough and put them in your handbag.

Option number two might need somewhere to change. Like the plane toilet or on the airport. I sometimes prefer to travel in jeans and then bring a skirt or a pair of shorts in my handbag.

Sharpen your elbows

When it’s time to board, make sure that your elbows are sharpen and head for the blankets. Since there never seems to be enough blankets you need to put all your focus on getting one, or even two.

Put it around you and keep all that freezing air-condition away from your ladyparts and bum.

Don’t get blown away

When I was a kid, there were no air-condition in the cars, or at least not ours. We survived hot summer days by turning down the windows.

Even though the air-con is amazing, it gets us with urethritis into trouble. Especially in the car where it often is directed right at us and even in between our legs. The urethritis thrives.

I make sure to turn the air away from me, and pretty much always have the heat on in my chair. Just because it ease my urethritis. And yes, hubby thinks I’m crazy.

Air-con can be hard to avoid, but try to not get in the draught. At your hotel room it can be a good idea to keep it on when not there and enjoy an already cool room when you get back.


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