Let Heather Warm You

Heather™ is a wool pad with extra warmth via USB. Made to keep you warm in your day to day life. Wherever you are, whatever you do.

Made To Be Loved

With a classic Swedish design and Gotlandic craftsmanship, Heather™ is a friend for life that you will use and cherish over the years to come.

Bring Heather Everywhere

Folded, Heather™ is a square of 20 x 20 x 4 cm and fits right in your bag. Like a square pocket book. If there was such a thing.

Why Are We Freezing Our Butts Off At Work?

In the 1960's they decided on indoor climate regulations. These where based on a study done on middle aged men. People with female hormones, have a different metabolic rate and therefor find themselves more cold in their working environment. No wonder they are more likely to freeze at work.

Hether Invention photographer Emma Hällström

Our Story

Our founder Emma Hällström noticed that if she would get some extra warmth there where only ugly and/or no-practical solutions available. Practical products where made for sports and outdoor use. Indoor products where on a scale between unpractical and impossible to bring, and design left a lot to wish for. Emma decided to make heated fashion and I Heat You® was born.

We Love Heat

Warmth can be a nice addition to your life. 'Cause who likes to be cold? However,  it can also be necessary. Many witness on warmth being a relief when suffering from conditions such as period cramps, urethritis, back pains, endometriosis and so on. The list could go on and on, there are even research showing that warmth can help with depression.

Lamm står stolt på grönt gräs med himmel och hav i bakgrunden.

Slow Fashion

We are blessed with one beautiful planet and we need to start to take care of it. This is why we have chosen to use sustainable materials and suppliers as close to our home on Gotland as possible. The wool is from Netherlands and the heating element is produced in Germany. Heather™ is then sewn together by our team of seamstresses right here in Visby.

Of course our packaging are 100% climate natural.

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