Enough Is Enough

Have you noticed that women seems to be more likely to feel cold at work? We know why! Back in the 60's they decided the ideal temperature for workplace environments. And they used men as the norm. Let's change that!

Urethritis – Women Suffers

There are no international numbers to be found. However, in Sweden only, 500 000 women are estimated to suffer from urethritis, many without knowing what it is and why they are getting bad pains over and over again.

We Love Heat

Have you ever been told by your grandma not to sit on cold surfaces? Well, she new what she was talking about. Cold is evil to many conditions, and heat is a great reliever. Not only to urethrits but period cramps, back pains and so much more.


This Is


Heather™ is a heated pad made to help women in need of extra heat in their day to day life. The innovative Swedish design fits not only your life, but also your style. With Heather you will always be able to stay warm – where ever you are.

  • Keeps your butt and lower back warm, and still fits in your bag
  • 100% Oeko-Tex® certified wool felt as external layers
  • USB power allows you to stay warm all over the world with a variety power sources

Why Are We Freezing Our Butts Off At Work?

In the 1960's they decided on indoor climate regulations. These where based on a study done on middle aged men. Women, or people with female hormones, have a different metabolic rate and therefor find themselves more cold in their working environment. No wonder they are more likely to freeze at work.

This is why we need feminist innovation! Heat is a question of feminism, health and work place politics.

Hether Invention photographer Emma Hällström

Our Story

After 15 years of seeing different doctors, countless of antibiotic treatments and uncountable cranberry juice intake, our founder Emma found out that she was suffering from urethritis. Upset due to all the prior mistreatments, Emma asked her gynecologist how many women were suffering from urethritis like her. The answer was devistating. 500 000 women, and that is only in Sweden. Even more upset and pretty pissed off, she was determinate to find a solution. I Heat You® was born.

We Love Heat

There are almost no research being done on urethritis. However, many of us women suffering from the condition agree that heat are helping us. We need to keep our vaginas warm, or else we'll suffer from pain. Using isolating objects like a blanket is not enough. We need to add extra heat. Just like when you have period cramps or back pains. And like then, many of us use hot water bottles or heated wheat pads, and are constantly running back and forth to the microwave for re-heating.

Who's got time over for that?

Lamm står stolt på grönt gräs med himmel och hav i bakgrunden.

Slow Fashion, For You And The Planet!

We are blessed with one beautiful planet and we need to start to take care of it. This is why we have chosen to use sustainable materials and suppliers as close to our home on Gotland as possible. The wool is OEKO-TEX® certified from Netherlands and the heating element is produced in Germany. Heather™ is then sewn together by our team of seamstresses right here in Visby.

Of course our packaging are 100% climate natural.

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