When will I get my Heather?

If you order today we will ship your Heather the comping weekday!

When will I be charged?

Your money will be drawn from your account right away or the coming bank days depending on your bank.

How warm is Heather?

Heather is perfectly warm to use during the entire day.

Many electrical pads and blankets is recommended not to be used more than 15-20 minutes. Heather ont he other hand is made to keep you warm all through the day.

We recommend to use and usb-port with minimum 2A output. This will give your Heather an effect of 10W. The higher the output, the warmer Heather becomes.

My Heather isn't warm, what's wrong?

Your hand is not enough
When we demo Heather we have noticed that most people first instinct is to just feel her with their hand.

However, to feel the warmth you need to sit down for a while. Try it out!

Low output
The most common misstake is to use a usb-output with less than 2A. We recommend to use at least 2A.

As an example the original charger for iPhones are often at a to low output. And iPad charger has a higher output. You can read on your charger what output it has.

Aged battery
Just like your mobile phone's battery gets old, your power bank also age. This can effect both the output and how long it will keep your Heather warm.

Using several outputs at once
There are USB-docks and power banks with more than one USB-output. When using more than one, you'll often end up with a lower output.

Is USB-power enough?

We couldn't believe it either. However, Heather gets perfectly warm to use all day.

At 2A output Heather will reach an effect of 10W. The higher the output, the warmer Heather becomes.

10W doesn't sound hot enough!

True, it sounds to be not enough! However it's perfect to keep you warm all day. Try it out!

Remember to use at least 2A output. The higher the output, the warmer Heather becomes.

Does Heather needs to be connected at all time?

Yes and no. To get the extra heat Heather needs to be connected to a power source via USB. Such as your laptop, power bank or phone charger.

However, since the external layers are 100% wool, she is warm and comfy without the power as well, just not as warm as when connected.

Can I buy a power bank from I Heat You?

We do not sell any batteries since power banks are so easy to get hold of.

Remember to use a power bank with at least 2A output.

Do I need an expensive battery?

No, Heather works with any power source that has an USB-port.

What kind of power bank should I get?

Power banks are available at many supermarkets and places where you get your electronics. What you need to keep in mind is USB-output and capacity/size.


We recommend at least 2A output to warm your Heather.

The higher the output, the warmer Heather becomes.


The battery's capacity is measured in mAh. This will tell you how long your battery will warm your Heather.

10 000 mAh, with 2 A output lasts for approximately 4 hours.

How do I fold my Hether?

Place Heather on a flat surface. Bring the middle part towards the upper back part. Fold down the locking pieces, and you’ll have a rectangle. Fold it in the middle, and you’ll get a perfect square.

Can I use Heather out-doors?

Yes and kind of. Heather is made for indoor usage. Colder environments will take more power to get the same warmth.

However, we have used Heather during hikes and have truly loved the warmth.

We only recommend to use Heather on dry surfaces and when she is completely dry. Water and electricity is not a good combo.

What if the chord gets wet?

The textile chord can get wet with no problem when your washing your Heather. However we recommend to keep it dry when using your Heather.

How do I wash my Heather?

Wool is an amazing material that prevents stains and is anti-static. Less washing is better for the environment. Here are some tips and tricks to get your Heather™ to last.
  • Wool can refresh itself simply by hanging in the fresh air.
  • Always try to remove any stains with a damp cloth.
  • Hand wash Heather™ in 30°C water. Use a lingerie bag and dry flat.
  • Press Heather™ to get her back in perfect shape. Iron with steam at first and then without until all water is gone from the wool. Use the same technique to press the creases as when folding her together.
  • Use a fabric shaver in case of lint.

What are the materials in Heather?

The outer layer of Heather™ is 100% wool felt. The heating element consists of a heating wire embroidered onto thin polyester fabric. A textile USB-chord is connected to the heating element to provide perfect heat. Threads and labels are polyester. At 5V/2A Heather™ provides an effect of 10W. This gives you a comfy warmth throughout your day.

Why wool?

We chose 100% wool to create a product that is as recyclable as possible.

Also, wool has amazing qualities such as giving you warmth, isolation and also being stain-resistance!


Heather™ is a heated pad made to help women in need of extra heat in their day to day life. The innovative Swedish design fits not only your life, but also your style. With Heather you will always be able to stay warm – where ever you are.

  • Keeps your butt and lower back warm, and still fits in your bag
  • 100% wool felt as external layers
  • USB power allows you to stay warm all over the world with a variety power sources
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