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Let’s talk about menstrual stuff


Did you know that today, May 28th, is Mantrual Hygiene Day? This is an annual awareness day initiated by WASH Unicef and aims to benefit menstrual persons all over the world. The date is not a coincidence, quite the opposite. 28 stands for the total length of  a 28 day long cycle and May, the fifth month, for 5 bleeding days.

It is a fact that a large part of the population have to put up with menstrual periods during quite a large part of their lives. Nothing to be ashamed of – at all. However, if I am going to be fully honest, I still sometimes feel ashamed. So, I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and tell you a bit of my periods.

Not the normal cycle

I’ve understood that many women’s periods are on time all the time. How wonderful that must be!

In my case, my cycle can differ from 23 to 45 days and I’m bleeding for about 7 days. Sometimes it just skips a month, and I think that my record cycle is about 75 days. Yey!

This is almost always in November or December and after about 50 days I start to pee on different tests to see if I’m pregnant. If a negative result is good news or not has differed through the years.

I’m not sure if a regular cycle would have helped in my case, however I’m taken by surprise every single time that I get my period. Even though it’s been coming for over 20 years now.

Chain saw massacre

Day 2-4, sometimes already day 1, of my cycle is a blood bath. No wonder I get tired during this period. It would be interesting to figure out how much blood I lose every month.

The menstrual cup – a hallelujah moment

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the menstrual cup. Why oh why didn’t this life savior enter my life sooner? Before the menstrual cup I used to start leaking after an hour or two. Now I don’t have to worry any more. If it wasn’t for the terrible cramps I would probably forget that I was on my period.

Killing period cramps

I guess that I am not the only one that have been told on at least one occassion that “You’re not sick, you’re on your period”? Perhaps not, however when it feels like someone is trying to rip out your uterus or stabbing you in your back – is not the best time to point that out.

When I’m on my period, especially those massacre days, I prefer to work from home with heat on my tummy and back.

Heather – my latest hallelujah moment

Besides painkillers during these days I now have my Heather which is absolutly amazing. I either sit on her to get the heat on my back or place her against my tummy like a regular heated wheat pad. The best thing is that I don’t have to run to the microwave to heat her up all the time.

We are getting closer to launch, so put your name on the early bird list to get our launch offer! You’ll find the list here!

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