Fall is coming – and so is the urethritis

It’s getting impossible to deny that fall is coming to Gotland. I like the fall. No need to feel guilty when having a Netflix marathon and you almost have to fill any space with candles. However, with the fall comes the cold. And with the cold comes the urethritis. Both indoors and outside the cold […]
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Design collaboration with Pattern & Grading

Earlier this summer Sara Högblom, one of our designers, asked if we were open to a design collaboration, without heating elements, with ger company  Pattern & Grading. Sara and her Pattern & Grading were about to launch their own line of clothes and interior accessories. Off course we just had to jump on the train […]
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3 travel tips to avoid urethritis

Some might already enjoy your vacations and some have to wait a bit more. Anyhow, some tips on how to survive your traveling this summer is always good. I got my honeymoon ruined due to some major urethritis cramps, I could hardly walk. At the time I didn’t know why or what it was, but today […]
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Tada – this is Scarlet

A couple of months ago I was freezing, as usual, on the ferry from the mainland to Gotland. I had my scarf as a blanket, but it didn’t help as much as I wanted. That’s when I met Scarlet. Well, met is not the word, but I realized that I was actually working on Heather, […]
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