Image from space with a cartooned mini me dressed as Rey and the text May the fourth be with you

May the fourth be with you

Why is a feminsitic company like us celebrating May the fourth – the kind of ironic Star Wars day?

Except the fact that we are working with products that could be taken from a sci fi movie, Star Wars have been pioners when it comes to strong female characters and super heroins. Or at least one…

Princess Leia

In the first generation (Episode IV-VI) we meet Leia. How awesome is she? She has a crucial part for the story, she is visible, she can fight, she has power, uses weapons and show her strength. Truly bad ass and crushing the norms of that time.

However, if Leia is suffering from urethritis, and we assume she does since it seems to be cold in space, she could need a Scarlet and a Heather. Espessially when Jabba the Hutt has taken her as a prisoner. Not sure of the climate on Tatooine, however her outfit looks cold if you ask me. I mean, Jabba is not drowning in sweat, even though he has quite a lot of body to carry around. I do confess that I am not up to date about the metabolism of hutters.

Rey beats the shit out of the norm

In the last generation, Leia has become general of the resistance, commanding and being the boss that she is. The action scenes have been left to the younger generation, at least when it comes to female characters. The new heroine is Rey. Love the fact that she isn’t the typical female heroine and acts more like the typical male hero. She is confident, independent and strong. Also loving the fact that she has a dark side.

Speaking of the dark side, finally all storm troopers ain’t male clones but soldiers from different genders. Me like. Not all women are good you know!

May the fourth, international Star Wars Day is truly a day worth celebrating by all of us, geeks or no geeks, dedicating our lives to creating a more equal world!

May the fourth be with you – and keep warm!

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