Bildschema för hur du letar efter cancerknölar i dina bröst

Get to know your breasts – breast cancer month

I have close family that have suffered from breast cancer, fortunately they are heathy today. I have friends that have won the fight and friends and family whom are not longer with us.

To me it’s a survival strategy to check my breasts.


Genetic or not

Breast cancer can be genetic. And you can make a search to find those genes. However, in my case there’s not enough people that have suffered to give me the right to do this search.

Let’s just say it’s kind of frustrating to don’t know if I’m a genetic ticking bomb or not.

To find a knob in your breast

A few weeks ago I suddenly found it. A knob in my breast that wasn’t there before. Sunday night and nothing else to do than to wait and try to get some sleep. Easier said than done.

Most knobs that you find are nothing to worry about, but they should all be checked out by a doctor. Our breast will change over time, that’s just normal.

So I called the breast center in Visby and got an appointment to check my knob. Some squeezing later and some talk about cold hands that offcourse got me started talking about I Heat You, I was sent to mammography.

Mammography – a way to punish all women

How come there still is no better way than mammography to chech breast for breast cancer? It is pure torture if you ask me, roumer has it that some aren’t bothered at all.

Anyhow, I got undressed, got my breasts squashed and we took some extra frames just to be safe. Right after the mammography we did a ultra sound to be on the safe side.

Safe and cancer free

This time it turned out to be just a knob of fat, or my breast ”getting old”.

Knowing how hard it can be to live through something like breast cancer, my relief is endless.

I wish that some smart people keep the research going so that we can have better ways to examin our breasts in the future and also find genetic variations that puts some of us in more risk than others.

Until then – SQUEEZE! Get to know your breasts and give them a squeeze at least once a month.

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